About Organic Herb – Kosova

Organic Herb – Kosova

  • Organic Herb is a company located in village Siga in suburb of Peja city, in a area of Dukagjini region.
  • Organic production of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.
  • Main activity since 2015 is the production and marketing of the non-wood forestry products (NWFP) including spices and medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs).
  • The company is the only organic processing company in the area to provide the local community with organically grown and processing products.

Environment And Natyre

  • Organic Herb develops effective solution with its product and processes that successfully contribute to resolving present and future environmental and social challenges, with dedication to green, sustainable and eco-friendly business practices.
  • Sustainability is a top priority in our behaviour and businesses practice.

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  • Our mission is to expand and diversify our history product excellence and technical innovation to provide our world-wide costumers with highest quality and most reliable products and services available giving them the competitive edge they need un an ever-changing market.
  • The key to success for Organic Herb will be to produce healthy, highquality products with minimum waste while providing customers with service that is superior to the competition.

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  • Our vision is in sync with our aim of continuous growth and expansion in our business and feld of expertise to satisfy the market needs and requirements.
  • Our top priority is to solidify our place in an ever changing market dynamic. We are dedicated to bringing our clients the quality and service they deserve and demand.

Company Short Profile

Organic Herb is a company in Kosova for the collection, cultivation, processing and production of medicinal and aromatic plants, forest fruits and mushrooms. The company started cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, first with the eight cultivated species and 55 collected species with organic certification for both collected and cultivated products.

The company operates closely with the Organic certification body for both collected and cultivated products from the Albanian organic Certification Body Albinspekt.

Main Activities

The business of the company relies upon few activities that complete the workflow of the company. Main business activities are presented in the below.

  • Collection of Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFP)
  • Cultivation of Medical and Aromatic Plants (MAP)
  • Processing of MAPs and Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFP)
  • Export of MAP and NWFP

Non-wood forestry products resource

Based on NWFP inventory compiled by the Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in five regions where was done assessment (Albanian Alps, Sharri Mountains, Gollak region, region of municipalities of Mitrovica and Podujeva and Central Kosova), 84 species of commercial importance have been identified with potential of almost 29.000 tons of dried raw material. The richest regions of Kosova with NWFP are the Albanian Alps and the Sharri Mountains; in these regions especially in the subalpine zone, dominate bilberry, juniper and cowslip – species important and valuable in the international markets. In general, Kosova territory having 10,908km2 is quite rich from the point of view of biodiversity and quantity & quality of NWFP.

Organic Herb is the leading company in Kosova for the collection, cultivation, processing and production of medicinal and aromatic plants, forest fruits and mushrooms. The company started the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, based on the previous experience of other companies in Kosova and international experience.

Organic Herb is an market oriented company; our target is the European/American market. Until now we had the great contacts with the companies interested to sign long-term supply contracts. The companies are mainly international processing companies from Netherlands, Germany, Austria, America and Switzerland.

The company possesses modern equipment for processing of products in line with international standards and an excellent infrastructure including a 3,000 m2 facility building, modern driers with a drying surface 200 m2 as well as cooling chambers with a surface of 200 m2.