Environment & Social Responsibility

At Organic Herbs Kosova, we believe being “responsible” means doing what is right.

It is being a good citizen in the communities and regions where we operate. It means incorporating social and environmental priorities and practices into our brand, our products and our relationships with customers, partners, consumers and employees. Every day we learn more and work to apply best practices to improve our company, our products and the environment. We take these issues and challenges very seriously. We work hard to make a difference by complying with—and even exceeding—industry standards and our own sustainability goals. As we continue to work to become a better company with the help of our partners, we will build our strategy around three key tenets of responsibility:

Ensuring the Best Product Safety & Quality.

Providing our consumers with safe, high-quality and appropriate products is a top priority at Organic Herbs Kosova. Since our brand’s beginning, we’ve ensured our products are non-toxic and safe. We try hard to create and earn the trust of our consumers .

Organic Herbs Kosovo adheres to all government and industry safety standards. Our Quality Assurance team continuously works to ensure our raw materials and finished products are safe for consumers and comply with government end EU directives and voluntary standards.

Every day we work to continually earn consumers’ trust by creating the best quality products that are safe for all to use.

Being a Good Corporate Citizen.

Organic Herbs Kosova headquarters and processing facilities are located in communities where our employees and their families live, work and play. We believe it’s important to support and invest in those areas by being a good corporate citizen and taking actions that help to create a vibrant community and a stable business climate.

We provide monetary and product donations to our local communities and organizations in need, focusing primarily on the arts, health, education and welfare.

In addition, our employees give their time and talent, providing hundred of volunteer hours every year to local non-profit boards and civic organizations, as well as at community events and activities.

We believe it’s important to give back to our communities and we strive to make the world a better place to live.

Implementing Strong Environmental Practices.

To fulfill our evolving “green” mission, Organic Herbs Kosovo continues to:

  • Be environmentally responsible and minimize our environmental footprint.
  • Set and achieve environmental goals.
  • Measure and monitor our performance for each environmental project.
  • Encourage our consumers, collectors and employees to integrate sustainability into their work processes and set the standard for responsible environmental stewardship.
  • Increase our efficiencies and be economically successful while caring for the environment.

We comply with  government and EU environmental legislation and adopt responsible environmental practices within the company and among our employees.