The drying process in performed in a static hot air oven with the capacity to contain up to 1500 kg of fresh herbs. The oven was designed and built specifically for medicinal herbs and ensures, through automatic security checks and digital thermostats, a constant temperature and the right level of humidity.

The herbs are lain on perforated screens to provide a continuous passage of hot air and permit the constant and effective dehydration of the vegetable mass.

The process lasts between 24 and 48 hours in a temperature of around 40°C, depending on the species and quantity being dried.

A correct drying process is fundamental to obtaining a high quality product. Some important elements to consider are a uniform colour of the dried material, the integrity of the product and the absence of mould or bacterial loads.

After drying, we pack the product in pallet crates or big polypropylene bags for use in cooking and store them in a suitably dry and well ventilated location.